Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Procedures and Requirements in Renewing Professional ID

Procedures in Renewing your Professional ID at PRC

Step 1. Present duly accomplished Application for Professional ID form together with the requirements at:
Unit A - Window 16
Unit B - Window 19
Unit C - Window 30

Step 2. Pay prescribed fees at the Cashier

Unit A - Window 15
Unit B - Window 22
Unit C - Window 26

Step 3. Get your claim slip at the adjacent window.

Step 4. Claim your professional license as scheduled. Please refer to your claim slip for further instructions.

Requirements for Renewing Professional ID
1.        Duly accomplished form
2.        Two (2) pcs. passport size picture: close-up, colored, plain white background, with complete name tag
3.        Photo/Xerox copy of recent professional ID card
4.        In case of LOST professional ID card which is still current, the applicant shall submit a notarized affidavit of Loss
5.        In case of DESTROYED professional ID card, the applicant shall surrender the destroyed card.

Note: Representatives filing the application and claiming the professional ID in behalf of the professional must present Special Power of Attorney and valid identification of the professional and the representative. PRC-registered professional acting as representatives may transact with PRC upon presentation of Authorization Letter and his/her professional ID.