Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hong Kong Experiences

I've found these video by HK Tourism Board in Youtube and I would say that it really sums up all the things a visitor of HK would love to experience. Hong Kong really is such an exciting and vibrant city. I have known people of different nationalities where they have considered Hong Kong to be their home after staying here for more than 15 years.

Watch the video below and explore Hong Kong in all its diversity -- from the living culture of its fantastic festivals and East-West heritage, to its stunning vistas and great attractions and to its unbeatable shopping and superb dining. These are moments you'll want to experience for yourself.

Video credit : HK Tourism Board

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Old Manila

I would like to share the pictures of Old Manila. Actually, the pictures were sent to me via email by a friend and I was really surprised how beautiful Manila was. No wonder, it was a city that was once the envy of the Orient. Thanks to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee libraries for preserving these pictures.

Picture(s) Credit: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Forgot to live...

so very true..

give yourself some time to really think on how would you like to live in this world....

is it to live your life now at present and enjoy it while youre still young and able
be like a workhorse when youre young, forgetting all the pleasure of life and working day and night to earn a lot of money so when youre old, you can harvest all the fruits of your labor in your retirement age

its your choice on what suits you best..

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Friday, October 2, 2009

I Love You Inspite Of...

Somebody had emailed me this story. This story may have happen a few years ago but I believe it is worth sharing it to others.

Three Fridays ago, our guru on relationships, Joe d mango, read a letter to his wife on his popular radio program Love Notes. For the past 11 years, he had been giving advice to people who would write him letters about their personal problems. To the surprise of his listeners that Friday, instead of reading one of his usual letters, he read one that he had written himself to his wife Bing. Joe felt that he had to tell his listeners that even someone like him could go through a marital crisis, but that he survived it.

In our 11 years of marriage it was just the two of us. I never had a close circle of friends and she never had one either. Life for us was just "you and me," day in and day out. We were literally sleeping beside each other for 11 years. It came to a point that there was nothing more interesting to talk about. I was aware I was doing that but I never did anything about it. We were so close yet it seemed like we were so distant.

Then came her new circle of friends. They recently had an elementary and high school reunion. Remember her persistent suitor since elementary days? He was there. We already had four daughters and the guy had four kids of his own. They exchanged phone numbers. They started to text each other and this bothered me. A big part of it was insecurity and other part was that she once denied that she was texting the guy, I felt bad because she started hiding things from me. Then the guy asked her if they could meet for lunch.

It became a source of tension between us. I finally agreed, but before that, I told her that I felt that I was going through the same pain again. I have seen so many stories like this. If you told me the first part of the story I would already know where it would lead to.

Bing accused me of being a "know-it-all" person. But deep in my heart I knew where she was heading. Why would a married guy see a married girl unless it was for business or professional reasons?

Finally, even if it was against my will, I drove her to the meeting place.

While I was waiting at the radio station, I wanted to call her but I knew it wasn't proper. So I just waited for her to tell me how their meeting went.

When she related to me what happened I felt that she was keeping the other details. I was afraid to ask because I wasn't prepared to accept her answers. I told her that it would be best if that were their last meeting. She got mad and told me that I was starting to control her life.

The following day, I saw a small, torn piece of paper that had the words, "lose you" in the trashcan at home. I started picking up the pieces of paper and putting them together. She had written:

"Felt sad because I felt that this will be our last meeting."

"Wanted to hug you..."

Before I could figure out what the third one was, Bing was already at my back. She wanted to get the torn pieces of paper back. She said it was private property. We decided to talk.

By then, I was able to figure out the third line: "Not sure if afraid to lose you." She had crossed it out and beside it, she had written, "Wanted to cry." That was what hit me. How could you lose something that's not even with you yet? That was a confirmation that she was getting emotionally attached to the guy. We fought because she didn't want to admit it. She said that what she had written was all about friendship and not about love. For the first time in our marriage she asked for freedom from me.

For 11 years we were always together, and now this. She had discovered her own little world and wanted to explore it. I didn't want to give it to her but finally I gave in. I told her that she could do anything she wanted and not worry about how I would feel.

In fact, I told her that I was planning to leave her and kids for a while so we could give each other the chance to be alone.

We decided to give the new arrangement a try. The following day, Thursday, I went to work early and she texted me. I never answered back. When I didn't respond, she called me. She said, "I'm sorry. I love you and I miss you." For the first time in our marriage I said, "I love you and I miss you too" with tears in my eyes. I realized how much I loved her but I also knew how much she wanted her freedom.

When I arrived at the station I asked for a leave. My boss advised me to think it over, but he said that he would allow me to go on leave. After letting it all out I felt relieved. It was the first time in my life that I asked for advice about our relationship.

While I was talking with my boss, a messenger arrived with 12 white roses arranged in a basket. It came from Bing. Then a text message on my cellphone came, "I know that no material things can ease the pain that you're feeling right now, but these flowers signify my pure and sincere intentions. I'm really sorry. Please forgive me."

Still, a question continued to bug me: "I'm giving you the freedom. Will you choose to stay or go on?" I read the card, and it had the answer to my question: "Dear Dad, I finally realized that I made a very big mistake in choosing a newfound friendship at the expense of our long-time friendship. Please forgive me. I will always love you."

Bing called the guy and told him that she wanted to end the friendship. He said that they could just text or call each other. Bing said that there was no need. We had dinner and talked up to 1am. It was like getting married all over again. We lost each other and found our way back. I do not want to go through the same pain again.

Friday came and it was the first time in the history of Love Notes that I couldn't do Love Notes. I scheduled a replay. When I was at the station at 9am, I composed a letter to Bing. I was asking myself, should I read this or do a replay? I chose to read the letter

It is not unusual to hear people say "I love you because..." but this story has shown us that the deeper and greater love is having to say "I LOVE YOU IN SPITE OF..."

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Change Windows Vista User Interface Language

My friend bought a second hand laptop at a very good price, but the problem was, the operating system is Windows Vista Home (Chinese). Now he got a problem on how to navigate through the menu's of windows Vista. He had sought assistance from me on how to re-install Vista with English as the user interface. As the laptop comes only with chinese recovery discs, our only chance of having it turn to English user interface would be as follows :
a. Get a Vista installation disk in English language and do a clean install of Vista
b. Upgrade to Vista Ultimate and get the corresponding MUI from Microsoft.

Luckily with the help of internet, I had found a very good software that could change windows user interface language to another language. Yes, this could be done even though your version of Windows was not Vista Ultimate or Enterprise. The software that could translate your windows Vista user interface language to another language is Vistalizator. This is not an official product of Microsoft but it works fine and I have proven it to work.

Here's the steps that I have taken to change the user interface to English :

1. Download Vistalizator program.

2. Download your corresponding language pack(s) for your Vista:
32-bit Vista RTM -
32-bit Vista with SP1 -
64-bit Vista RTM -
64-bit Vista with SP1 -

3. Unpack Vistalizator (ZIP) to some destination - no need to install

4. Run Vistalizator open downloaded language pack, press Install

5. Restart Windows.

6. After restart, you may wish to change the language settings under control panel => Regioanal and Language Settings to English.

For a more detailed step by step procedure, click here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ABS CBN Live Feed

For Overseas Filipino Workers like me who doesn’t have TFC but do have internet access. You could watch ABS CBN Kapamilya shows (Live Feed) by clicking the play button below :

Get Microsoft Silverlight

You could also watch ABS-CBN or GMA 7 channels in the following links :
GMA 7 Option 1
ABS CBN Live feed Option 1
ABS CBN Live feed Option 2

Disclaimer : Thank you for visiting. Please note that I do not host nor upload any movies, films, videos, news, or music files. The above live feed contents were just gathered and/or linked from other internet websites.  I am not responsible for the accuracy, copyright compliance, legality, and completeness of the contents and/or linked from other internet sites.  If you have any legal issues, please contact appropriate media file owners / hosters. This site is not responsible for the availability or contents of these external sites, nor does endorse, warrant, or guarantee the products, services, or information described or offered by these other internet sites/companies.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hackers rumored to have cracked Windows 7 activation (CNet)

Microsoft only just released final code for Windows 7 to manufacturers and the company is already facing a security risk. The Windows Genuine Advantage antipiracy system in the Windows 7 Ultimate release to manufacturers (RTM) has reportedly been compromised by some Chinese hackers, according to a variety of Chinese forums, and first reported by This means the user can fully activate the software offline without connecting to Microsoft's activation server.

Read more.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Seven Remix XP

Do you want to experience Windows 7 but you don't have knowledge on how to install Windows 7 to your computer ? Well, I just found a new software that can transform your existing Windows XP to Windows 7 look and feel. The free software is Seven Remix XP.

Seven Remix XP is free transformation pack designed by Niwradsoft. By installing Seven Remix XP you can get complete windows 7 look and feel on your windows XP. Seven Remix XP replaces several system files and resources like icons, dll, images etc. You may need to backup your system before proceeding for Windows XP to windows 7 transformation.

Seven Remix XP can be completely removable if you are not satisfied with the result.

Seven Remix XP will work on following operating system
1. Windows XP (Home, Pro, RTM, SP1, SP2, SP3, Corporate)
2. Windows 2003 (Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter, Web, RTM, SP1)
3. Windows Media Center Edition (2003, 2004, 2005)
4. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
5. All Language Versions
Note : Does NOT work with 64 bit versions of Windows!

You could download Seven Remix XP from Softpedia Site

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Honest OFW from HK returns home

Mildred Perez, the Filipino domestic helper who returned HK $350,545 (P2.1 million) she found while rummaging through a trash bin in Hong Kong, returned home on Tuesday afternoon.

Perez was to return to her home town in Bambang in Nueva Vizcaya but said she would have to go back to the former British colony to pursue charges against her former employer.

The 38-year-old domestic helper alleged that her employer made sexual advances on her. With the case filed in Hong Kong, Perez was barred from seeking employment pending the resolution of her case.

Left with no source of income and money to go back to the Philippines, Perez was forced to live with her sister who was also a domestic helper but with little means to support her.

She eventually turned to scrounging on garbage bins, collecting trashes that can be recycled.

Last April 29, Perez chanced upon a thick packet just slightly bigger than an airmail envelope, in a trash bin at the corner of Pottinger Street and Des Voeux Road.

The envelope contained cash and checks amounting to HK$350,545.

Instead of keeping the money, she returned it to the owner - and got a can of biscuits in return.

A month before the incident, her husband, Eddie Perez, who works as a tricycle driver, was said to have returned a bag containing P20,000 to a passenger in Nueva Ecija. He was given P10 for his fare home by the owner in return.

Because of her exemplary display of honesty, Mildred Perez has been reaping honors and rewards from home.

Rep. Carlos Padilla of the lone district of Nueva Vizcaya, passed House Resolution 1212 commending her honesty and trustworthiness.

Padilla, who helped raised some money, confirmed that a P100,000 financial support for Perez’s family is now ready on top of the P50, 000, which will be coming from the provincial government and additional financial support from Mayor Benjamin Cuaresma of Bambang town.

Eddie Perez was also offered a job at the provincial office of the Department of Public Works and Highways.

Moreover, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) approved a request by Padilla for educational assistance for two of the Perezes children.

The Perez couple belong to the Isinay tribe of Bambang and Aritao, a tribe known for the virtue of honesty.

By : Joseph Holandes Ubalde, GMANews.TV

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Be a Certified Ethical Hacker

Do you want to have the coolest job in the IT industry? Then be a Certified Ethical Hacker. You may ask me what an ethical hacker is. Well, an ethical hacker is a computer specialist who is usually employed by a company to try and hack on it's computer networks and systems. This is usually done for the purpose of identifying the system's security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker might exploit. In identifying the vulnerabilities, a fix could then be applied to tighten the company’s network security. Many large companies now are employing teams of ethical hackers and the pay trend for being an ethical hacker is rising.

How do you get to be a certified ethical hacker then? Well, EC-Council offers official training in Ethical Hacking. It's courses are delivered online using an advanced web conferencing / communication platform and are taught by Certified EC-Council Instructors.

If you are interested, you may like to go to EC-Council website and see the various certification courses that the council offers. Some of official training that EC-Council offers covers the following categories:

- Security Fundamentals

- Ethical Hacking

- Penetration Testing

- Computer Forensics

- Disaster Recovery

- Secure Programming

I am glad to see the EC-Council is providing these official training courses for Certified Ethical Hacking where much education is needed. So if you have some IT Security
experience or have an interest in penetration testing, and then enrolling in EC-Council’s courses would be a good next step.


Recover Files From A Windows Computer That Won't Boot

It’s been almost 3 weeks ago when my friend’s desktop computer had crash and won't boot anymore. He was so afraid that he won't be able to retrieve all the digital photos of his sons that he has saved on his computer for the past 4 years. So he had sought my help

The first option I have tried was to try to make use of the REPAIR windows option when installing windows, but unluckily the system prompted us to input the administrator's password which we don't have any idea about. So the next option was to use the BART PE cd that I have created previously in order to boot up his system and hopefully I should be able to copy his digital photos or files. But unluckily my Bart PE CD was not able to detect his computer's hard drive. As its getting late already, I told my friend that I would return next weekend to fix his PC.

One of my office colleagues had suggested making use of Ubuntu to recover his files and that Ubuntu could boot up his computer on a CD. So I have downloaded the ISO copy of Ubuntu 8.10 and burn it to a CD. The next weekend I returned to my friend's home with the following items :
a. laptop
b. USB to IDE cable - this cable will be used to connect his desktop computer hard disk to my laptop and will make use of file explorer to copy the files to be recovered.
c. Ubuntu 8.10 CD

First, I booted up his computer using the Ubuntu CD and click "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer" (see image below).

After booting up his computer, the first thing I click was to choose Places from the menu.

And voila, all the drives available in the system were shown, including the Windows drive which was shown in terms of the hard disk partition size, say in this case, it is the 52.4 GB volume. Double click on the drive volume to open it and all the folders/ files on that partition were displayed. We then attached an external USB Hard drive and just using copy and paste, we were able to recover all the photos and important files that we require.

Now that I know how useful this Ubuntu 8.10 CD is, I would make a duplicate copy of this CD will keep one CD in a safe place as it's really very useful. Click this link to download Ubuntu

Hopefully this info would be useful to other people too.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Useful Backup Software

We all work with computers and sometimes we accidentally had deleted a file we shouldn't have deleted. How we wish that we should have made a backup of our files or perhaps we need to rollback the changes that we have done to a specific time and date. Likewise, if we have a laptop and a desktop that we need to synchronize via FTP.

Don't worry as I have found a really good software called Synchback Freeware to help you with all the the above mentioned tasks and more. And best of all, it is free for personal use.

SyncBack Freeware is a powerful freeware program that helps you backup and synchronize your files to the same drive; a different drive or medium (CDRW, CompactFlash, etc); an FTP server; a Network; a Zip archive or on removable media. It has the ability to create background backups and email the resulting log after a backup. Compression of the backup files also comes as standard. Other great features include detailed and easy to read log files in HTML format (that can be automatically emailed), simulated backups, file filters, sub-directory selection, copy verification, auto-close of programs, and more.

Clich the link here to download Synchback Freeware.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Suggestions in Searching for a Job (in HK)

When I was having my vacation in my hometown in La Union, some of my college friends had asked me how to look for a job in Hong Kong. So their most common question is, where do you start looking when you are not living in Hong Kong ? Well, here are a few suggestions to help you along the way if you are thinking of working in Hong Kong or to another country.

1. In order for you to legally work in Hong kong, you will need sponsorship of work from the company in which you plan to work for and this would mean stating upfront to them that part of your hiring process requires the work visa.

2. Make use of the power of the internet by searching for job opportunities online. Hong Kong offers a lot of job boards for all types of industries and careers. Below are some of the websites (English) that you could use :

3. If you still can not find jobs with the job boards, then you can go directly to the recruiters websites. Many of them offer searches for jobs that they are posting. These HK recruiters usually work for you and do not charged applicants as they are either commission or incentive based. Sometimes its best to give them a CALL to get a feedback as to whether you have the right skills and career direction. Here's some links to HK recruiter's websites :

Should you be able to get a face to face interview, the best and easiest thing to do is to lump all interview activities in a week or two (if possible) thereby making your trip to HK worth it. With the recession in picture, don't expect that your prospective employer would pay for your trip. It's also good if you could arranged a phone interview first, before coming to HK for a face to face interview.

Well I wish you all the best and good luck in your job hunting.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Top 10 EC Droppers - December 2008

It's time again to have the top ten list of EC droppers for the month of December 2008. Thank you to all who have been actively coming over to visit my blog and thank you to those who do come and visit though did not make it to this month's top 10 list.  Hope that you would be in my January 2009 top 10 list.

Top 10 EC Droppers for the Month of December 2008

  1. C'est La Vie
  2. PJ's Prose
  3. Blanca DeBree Blog
  4. Random Thoughts
  5. Out of the Blue
  6. Nita's Corner
  8. Gumer
  9. Through The Lens
  10. Gas Saver