Monday, September 22, 2008

Just Sign Up with PerformancingAds

Today, I have just registered to PerformancingAds. To my fellow bloggers who have not heard of PerformancingAds, this is another way of monetizing your blog. It is an ad network and claim to be the largest ad marketplace for the 125×125 ad button, which has slowly become the ad format of choice for bloggers who wants to make money online.

Some reasons why you should make use of PerformancingAds are as follows :
1. Have years of experience buying and selling ads
2. Fully-automated, self-serve ad system
3. The largest 125×125 ad marketplace on the planet
4. Automatically get paid at the end of the same month you earn your money
5. Book your own ads… for free
6. Built by publishers, for publishers

They also offer an effective way to generate traffic for your blog: traffic exchange
- Earn credits when advertisements are booked in your regions
- Use those earned credits to have your own exchange ad displayed on other publisher sites

For Advertisers, PerformancingADs are offering a $25 off from your order of $100 or more. Here are some good reasons why you should also choose to advertise with PerformancingAds:
a. Have years of experience buying and selling ads
b. Easily buy targeted advertising on influential blogs, with many more coming online every day
c. Quickly advertise across entire blog networks, reach your widest audience with one ad buy
d. Advertise to your niche audience, effortlessly
e. Simple to use and with quick results

So what are you waiting for ? Go ahead and sign up for an account today at PerformancingAds.

For bloggers or Publishers, start Making Money With PerformancingAds or if you are a business owner, place your Targeted Blog Advertising With PerformancingAds and increase your sales revenue now !

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mazzura said...

tq..good info :)

Dan said...

Hi Mazzura,

Hope you could make use of the info provided here. See u around.

Cheers !!!

NovaS said...

i still dont get it how it work...

can u help me?

Blogger said...

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Blogger said...

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