Thursday, January 8, 2009

Suggestions in Searching for a Job (in HK)

When I was having my vacation in my hometown in La Union, some of my college friends had asked me how to look for a job in Hong Kong. So their most common question is, where do you start looking when you are not living in Hong Kong ? Well, here are a few suggestions to help you along the way if you are thinking of working in Hong Kong or to another country.

1. In order for you to legally work in Hong kong, you will need sponsorship of work from the company in which you plan to work for and this would mean stating upfront to them that part of your hiring process requires the work visa.

2. Make use of the power of the internet by searching for job opportunities online. Hong Kong offers a lot of job boards for all types of industries and careers. Below are some of the websites (English) that you could use :

3. If you still can not find jobs with the job boards, then you can go directly to the recruiters websites. Many of them offer searches for jobs that they are posting. These HK recruiters usually work for you and do not charged applicants as they are either commission or incentive based. Sometimes its best to give them a CALL to get a feedback as to whether you have the right skills and career direction. Here's some links to HK recruiter's websites :

Should you be able to get a face to face interview, the best and easiest thing to do is to lump all interview activities in a week or two (if possible) thereby making your trip to HK worth it. With the recession in picture, don't expect that your prospective employer would pay for your trip. It's also good if you could arranged a phone interview first, before coming to HK for a face to face interview.

Well I wish you all the best and good luck in your job hunting.

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alex said...

wow dan this is a very useful info

in case i decide to go there ^^

what do you do nga pala in hk?

Gem said...

This is useful.. when things go okay in HK...

I heard a lot of Pinoys getting laid off at this time, and a lot of bloggers and friends too in different places around the world (and here locally).

I hope Pinoys would think twice before looking to jobs abroad at this recession times.

Dan said...

Hi Alex and Gem,

Thanks for your comments.

The suggestions weren’t a hard set process for finding a job in Hong Kong.  I make no disclaimers that you will get a job, so don’t quit your job and use the above suggestions as a platform for employment. 

I've posted it as an informative suggestion which hopefully could also provide an insight as to whether someone's idea of working abroad would be ok or not.

Cheers !!!

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Carlos said...

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bhart said...

I need not go to HK,
but there are some of my friends want to go there..
surely i'd like to reference this site for them..
Keep posting bro! :)

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khaye said...

This is very informative. I am planning to apply as an English teacher there... I might as well check the links you've provided. Thanks dan!

Dorogoblog said...

nice information.
Who wants to be a TKI?

marites1034 said...

this is quite useful especially if the global economy improves more. A lot of friends i know are planning to find jobs there.