Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Be a Certified Ethical Hacker

Do you want to have the coolest job in the IT industry? Then be a Certified Ethical Hacker. You may ask me what an ethical hacker is. Well, an ethical hacker is a computer specialist who is usually employed by a company to try and hack on it's computer networks and systems. This is usually done for the purpose of identifying the system's security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker might exploit. In identifying the vulnerabilities, a fix could then be applied to tighten the company’s network security. Many large companies now are employing teams of ethical hackers and the pay trend for being an ethical hacker is rising.

How do you get to be a certified ethical hacker then? Well, EC-Council offers official training in Ethical Hacking. It's courses are delivered online using an advanced web conferencing / communication platform and are taught by Certified EC-Council Instructors.

If you are interested, you may like to go to EC-Council website and see the various certification courses that the council offers. Some of official training that EC-Council offers covers the following categories:

- Security Fundamentals

- Ethical Hacking

- Penetration Testing

- Computer Forensics

- Disaster Recovery

- Secure Programming

I am glad to see the EC-Council is providing these official training courses for Certified Ethical Hacking where much education is needed. So if you have some IT Security
experience or have an interest in penetration testing, and then enrolling in EC-Council’s courses would be a good next step.



Smith said...

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