Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Change Windows Vista User Interface Language

My friend bought a second hand laptop at a very good price, but the problem was, the operating system is Windows Vista Home (Chinese). Now he got a problem on how to navigate through the menu's of windows Vista. He had sought assistance from me on how to re-install Vista with English as the user interface. As the laptop comes only with chinese recovery discs, our only chance of having it turn to English user interface would be as follows :
a. Get a Vista installation disk in English language and do a clean install of Vista
b. Upgrade to Vista Ultimate and get the corresponding MUI from Microsoft.

Luckily with the help of internet, I had found a very good software that could change windows user interface language to another language. Yes, this could be done even though your version of Windows was not Vista Ultimate or Enterprise. The software that could translate your windows Vista user interface language to another language is Vistalizator. This is not an official product of Microsoft but it works fine and I have proven it to work.

Here's the steps that I have taken to change the user interface to English :

1. Download Vistalizator program.

2. Download your corresponding language pack(s) for your Vista:
32-bit Vista RTM -
32-bit Vista with SP1 -
64-bit Vista RTM -
64-bit Vista with SP1 -

3. Unpack Vistalizator (ZIP) to some destination - no need to install

4. Run Vistalizator open downloaded language pack, press Install

5. Restart Windows.

6. After restart, you may wish to change the language settings under control panel => Regioanal and Language Settings to English.

For a more detailed step by step procedure, click here.


Sara Haider said...

Great work. I was unable to download the tool from Frogie so found another location which gives good details and the download link:

Dan said...

Hi Sara,

My post links above maybe outdated.

Anyway, should you wish to download Vistalizator, you may go to this link