Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to install Android ICS 4.04 to your Lenovo A1

My niece got a Lenovo Ideapad A1 as a gift last February 2012 but then, the machine was unstable as it keeps on rebooting by itself in random. My niece then after a month of usage did not bother to use it as she prefers to used her laptop than her tablet. She says that the tablet was unstable and it annoys her when the tablet reboots by itself when she is using it. Likewise, the buttons at the bottom of the tablet (ie. Menu, Home and Back) were only lit for a short while before it goes off again. You are left then to try and guess which area are you going to press in order to go to previous page or back to Home screen.

I tried to search the internet for the solution on the above mentioned problem and I came across a possible solution wherein you could upgrade the OS of Lenovo Ideapad A1 from Android version 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) to Android Version 4.04 (Ice Cream Sandwich). I then tried to download the ICS1.2 zip file and begin the upgrading process as detailed on ( with finger's crossed. After the upgrade process, voila, I was able to upgrade the OS to ICS 4.04. hahaha... The problem of rebooting was resolved and the problem of finding the menu, Home and Back buttons was resolved by the newly installed OS. Shown below are the steps that you need to do to upgrade your Lenovo A1. You are adviced to backup all your data before proceeding to upgrade your tablet's OS.

Steps to upgrade the OS of Lenovo A1 from Version 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) to 4.04 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

1. Download the file from here
Note: If the link above does not work, try to download the file here.

2. Rename the file from to

3. Copy the to a micro-SD card. Turn off your ideapad first. Push your micro-SD card into your Lenovo Ideapad.

4. Hold the Volume down (-) button and at the same time, press the Power button.

5. The ideapad will turn on and going into the update mode.

6. Wait for the update to complete. You should see a green triange at the end with a tick (to signify a successful update).

7. When the updating is completed, turn on your device and your device will do the setup process, WAIT for the device to show the main screen of ICS OS.

8. Connect to your wireless network and perform a system update.

9. Go to Settings -> About Tablet -> System Update and click OK.

10. Your device will now search for the latest update and will ask you whether you want to install the update or not.. Choose to update.

11. Follow the update instruction. This will be the original update from Lenovo, which is good thing.

12. Congratulations, you now have an ICS-based tablet.

Note : Please proceed with caution and at your own risk. Please also ensure to backup all your data first.

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Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for this post, the direct link to the upgrade instruction was found at Cheers!

dr.bob said...

Is the updated OS multilanguage, or just US-English?