Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cursor Moves by Itself

Last night while surfing the net using my ever reliable Dell Latiude D410 laptop, something strange happens. I have seen my mouse moves by itself as if someone had hack to my computer and is trying to manipulate my laptop. So I did try to shutdown my computer and reboot but still the problem persisted. Since I am using a wireless router, I suspected that it maybe caused by some interference or something, so I tried to just ignore it, but then, the problem still persisted that its quite annoying seeing your cursor moving by itself. The cursor moves up by itself to the left of the screen, heading for the topleft corner and then slowly along the top edge to the left corner or sometimes it moves diagonally up or down the corner of the screen.

Does anyone know what could be causing this, I have run a virus scan and adaware and spybot and these programs did not found any virus or malwares. Any ideas ?

Would be grateful if anyone could suggest a fix to this problem.

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Anonymous said...

Try to disable the pointing stick of your Dell under Control Panel --> Mouse --> Select Device and disable "pointing stick".

Hope this helps...cheers !!!

Dan said...

Hi, thanks for the tips, it works.