Monday, October 13, 2008

Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360 is a scenic cable car ride which transports people from Tung Chung MTR station to the Big Buddha and vice versa. If you have ever been in a ski gondola before, the experience is quite similar. Each Ngong Ping cable car can fit up to 17 passengers.

From Tung Chung MTR, the cable car would rise dramatically on top of body of water and one could view the skycrapers of Tung Chung likewise riders of the Ngong Ping would enjoy the great view of HK Chep Lap Kok Airport with full view of airplanes which are taking off and landing. The almost 6 kilometer journey ends in Lantau Island where one could enjoy the panoramic views of Lantau’s mountainous terrain and the ocean beyond. Ensure to get ready of your digital camera to capture the great views on your journey. Near the Lantau Island station is a rustic Chinese village wherein tourist could fancy shopping for souvenirs. The place have it's own charm in spite of a lot of tourist visiting the village.

In going back to Tung Chung MTR, there's a long queue on the cable car as hundreds of people are waiting to get on, especially on weekends or public holidays, but luckily, the line moves quickly. Waiting time may last for about an hour.


Anonymous said...

i've never ridden a cable car!

that place is so nice

Dan said...

Hi Kyla,

Riding a Gondola is quite an experience as you will be traversing mountains and the scenic view you see could be quite amazing.

Yup, the place at Ngong Ping is good as you would be able to visit the famous Lantau's Big Buddha near the Ngong Ping terminal at the the chinese village nearby.

Cheers !!!


~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

Unfortunately, the Ngong Ping is still closed for operation when we went to HK last year. I was only able to ride the cable car in Ocean Park. I hope I can visit HK again soon.

Dan said...

Hi badet,

Yes, Ngong Ping experienced technical problems previously that is why it was closed. However, they have resolved the problem and so far no more troubles for NP.

Good to know that you've visited OP. I love OP though its been quite a while that I haven't visited the place. Maybe its time that I revisit it as I believe OP had added some attractions.

The best time to visit HK is late August to early Sept (for shopping) or during winter (Dec to Feb) as you won't feel tired though you may have done a lot of walking.

Cheers !!!