Friday, October 3, 2008

Tips for those wearing Orthodontic braces

For those wearing braces or other orthodontic appliances, keeping your teeth and gums clean may be a bit more difficult and tedious, but the resulting smile will be worth the effort. If you wear braces, here's some Do's and Don'ts for you to follow :

Braces Do's
a. After meal, brush your teeth. If you can't brush right away, rinse your mouth (and removable appliance) with water.
b. Floss every day. Your orthodontist can give you a floss threader if you're having difficulties.
c. Chew only sugarless gum.
d. Call your orthodontist if anything is loose or broken.

Braces Don'ts
a. Don't miss your orthodontic appointments. Missed or delayed appointments mean you'll have to wear your braces longer.
b. Don't eat hard, sticky or chewy foods, crunchy foods.
c. Don't chew on pens, pencils, ice, fingernails or anything that might break your braces.

Shiny clean teeth and fresh breath are good reasons for practicing good oral hygiene, but the most important reason is that keeping your gums and teeth clean and healthy will help you keep your teeth throughout your life. Although some diseases and conditions can make dental disease and tooth loss more likely, most of us have a great deal of control over whether we keep our teeth into old age. Wouldn't you rather be chewing with your own natural teeth?


alex said...

nice tips i always wanted to wear braces before but i thought of it as too much hassle esp when eating... nice tips!

oh by the way i have a little request, can you change my old url (retarded's notebook) to on your linklist???

thanks thanks thanks have a great day!

Dan said...

Hi Alex,
Yes you're right, having braces is a little bit hassle especially after you have taken your meal as you won't be able to smile to the person in front of you ha ha ha. I'm wearing it for the past 1 yr and 3 months now and it really requires patience, endurance (pain) and determination in order to complete the whole process.

I will update the link of your blog. Thanks for dropping by and providing comments.

Have a great day !!!

Cheers! :)