Thursday, September 27, 2007


"The single most important and potent way to expand your income is to devise a way to consistently add real value to people's lives, and you will prosper." --Anthony Robbins

Believe that you have value. Believe that you have something to give to the world.
All individuals who earn good money are persons who have found ways to add worth and value to their lives -- and then make this worth and value useful to others. If you can add to your life more skills, more ability, more intelligence, more creativity, more caring and personalized service, more organized systems -- and thereby increase the quality of life for the
people around you -- you'll be able to earn more money.

I'm not just talking about entrepreneurs. If you're employed right now, make yourself more valuable to your company. Don't expect a raise every year simply because you show up every workday! Develop your skills, learn new ones, look for ways to improve your company's products and systems, search for procedures to make the work of your boss easier, and
think of ways where your company can save money.

I know of someone who entered as a clerk in one of the biggest companies in the country. This guy simply didn't stop making himself more valuable, he enrolled in any course he found useful to his profession. His bosses noticed his drive and kept giving him new responsibilities until he
ended up as the company's assistant vice president. Sound like a fairy tale? Not to me. I'm talking about my father.

If you're self-employed, ask how your business can touch and bless the lives of your customers. Again, by making your business more valuable to people, earning profit can be the only consequence. My friend expanded his restaurant business considerably when he asked what his customers wanted to eat and at what prices. He asked questions. He took down
notes. He experimented. Marketing people will say that he did a market analysis, but in my language, he simply learned how to love his customers in a better way.

Make yourself valuable.
By Bo Sanchez,
From "Simplify And Live the Good Life"