Monday, December 22, 2008

A great education site for teens

My nephew who is currently a 2nd year high school student would always ask me about his Algebra subject. Though I can still recall my Algebra, I must admit that I have forgotten a lot of things with regards to Algebra. Luckily, I was given an opportunity to review Brightstorm, an online education site that has great courses for high school students. I thought that online education such as Brightstorm is a good alternative for my nephew to increase his learning options.

Brightstorm offer online courses in Geometry, Algebra II, SAT Reading, Writing and Math, and AP History or Government . And since my nephew had asked me questions about Algebra, I choose Algebra II from the list of courses being offered. Hopefully this course would help him a lot in learning Algebra.

The first step was to Sign up for a free brightstorm acocuntwhich will give you access to a free episode in every course Second step was to purchase the $49 Algebra II course as taught by Joshuah Thurbee. After confirmation of our order, we were then given a link to launch the course.

Algebra II consists of several video modules such as :
i. Introduction
ii. Algebra Boot Camp – Solving linear equations and inequalities, arithmetic sequences
iii. Boot Camp Graphing - Graphing linear equations and inequalities
iv. Absolute Boot Camp - Solving and graphing absolute value equations and inequalities
v. Systems Boot Camp - Solving and graphing systems of equations
vi. What Is the Matrix - Matrix operations, solving systems with matrices
vii. What’s Your Function - Function notation, domain, and range
viii. Top Secret! - Composition and inverses of functions
ix. The X Factor - Solving quadratic functions by factoring and completing the square
x. Rooting for Quadratics - Solving quadratics using square roots and the quadratic formula
xi. Out On Limb - Simplifying and Solving Rational Equations
xii. Equations Are Radical - Solving radical equations
xiii. The Josh Curve - Exponential growth and decay
xiv. Let’s Get Explicit - Geometric sequences
xv. Getting to Second Base – Logarithms
xvi. All In The Family - Circles, parabolas
xvii. Let’s Get Hyper! - Hyperbolas, ellipses

I honestly don’t know how valuable this course will be for my nephew, but judging from the course content, the course we have chosen had covered a lot of the advanced topics in Algebra.

All Brightstorm courses are accessible 7/24 for a year starting from the subscription date and with a 30-day guarantee period for customers who are not completely satisfied.

My conclusion is that Brightstorm offers an excellent option for you to consider helping your teenage son or daughter get to deepen their understanding of their high school subjects and a good way for them to prepare for college.