Friday, December 26, 2008

Off to La Union, Philippines

This will be my last post for 2008 as I will be off to La Union to visit my hometown. This will be my first visit again to La Union after settling in Manila and more than 10 years of living overseas. I'm quite excited as I expect to experience living in the barrio again just like when I was growing up. Likewise, be able to see my friends back in high school and college.

La Union is located in the southwestern part of Luzon It is bounded on the north by Ilocos Sur, on the south by Pangasinan, on the east by Benguet, and on the west by the China Sea. La Union is fast becoming a favorite among local and foreign tourist especially for surfing enthusiast as it is dub as the "Surfing Capital of the North" as well as " The Pilgrimage Capital of the North". The stretch of white and gray sand beaches along the towns of La Union is the main attraction to tourists. Beaches to check out are Bauang Beach, San Juan Beach, Agoo-Damortis National Seashore Park, Agoo,Caba and White Sand. while in La union you can also enjoy its historic landmarks, cultural and man made attractions.

Well, I better get ready for our trip to La Union.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year !!!


Gem said...

Nice! By the time you read this comment, I think you had already enjoyed the visit to La Union.

I really miss those hot beaches in Bauang.

Dan said...

Hi Gem,

I've really enjoyed my vacation in LU , though short (5 days), it's quite tiring but really well spent vacation with family members and friends. Hopefully next time, I could have longer vacation and could possibly drop by Baguio before going back to Manila.

Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year !

Cheers !!!

kosa said...

kita mo nga nman... nagkalat pala ang magagaling... matatalino... gifted... at mga poging poging ilokano blogger na gaya natin dito sa mundong ito... taena... sige sige parekoy, enjoy enjoy sa bakasyon...

happy new year

at kitakits!!!

alex said...

happy happy new year dan!

Dan said...

Hi Kosa,

Salamat sa pagbati parekoy, enjoy to the max talaga pagka nagbakasyon ka dito sa Pinas..walang katumbas lalo na kasama mo ang mga pamilya at mga kaibigan to celebrate X'mas and New year..

Hi Alex,
Happy New year sa iyo Alex. :)

Sabiq said...

nice blog bro..
happy new year...!!! :D

~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

Hope you enjoyed your vacation. =)