Thursday, December 18, 2008

I just signed up with PayingPost

Yesterday, I have signed up with PayingPost and just now I received an email from PayingPost that my blog Reference Notes had been reviewed and was approved. This means that I could now browse the open opportunities and if my blog had passed the advertisers requirements, I can reserve those opportunities.

For bloggers like me, this is another way of earning some money through blogging or sponsored postings. The opportunities are vast at PayingPost too. If you have the ability to write, or you love writing articles, then why not consider joining PayingPost too. This way, you are doing what you love by writing articles and likewise you get paid to post. My colleagues who had been blogging have found out that they can turn their blogging into a profitable enterprise. They have been very thankful that I have introduced paid reviews to them. Even stays at home moms have now use blogging as their secondary or extra source of income.

Advertise on blogs

Reviewing products is another great way that you as a blogger can make money. Many companies are willing to sponsor a blog or to hire a blogger to review their current or upcoming products and services. Some companies advertise this need on their website, but most choose to go through various blogging services like which allow bloggers to pick and choose which products they care to review and then receive payment after developing a good blog post. PayingPost offers this opportunity to you when you sign up with them.

You see, getting opportunities at PayingPost is quite simple too. Just grab some opportunities that are open, write your honest opinion, post it in your blog and wait for your post to get approved.

By joining also helps in building traffic to your site as you would be able to write a variety of articles. So why not visit PayingPost now and sign up.

For more information, you could also visit PayingPost blog.


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