Friday, October 5, 2007

Do's and Don'ts Tips in using your mobile device for Internet Access

In Hongkong or anywhere in the world, Wi-Fi facilities are starting to become widely available. Its just proper then that we take some of the appropriate safety precautions when using our mobile devices to access the internet. Here's some Do's and Don'ts tips :

a. Do use passwords to protect your mobile device(s) and see to it that you change them periodically.
b. Do encrypt personal and sensitive data on your mobile devices or if encryption is not possible, at least password protect your important documents.
b. Do install personal firewall (There are a lot of free personal firewall available in the net).
c. Do install and enable anti-virus and anti-spyware sofware with up-to-date virus signature files.
d. Do ensure that the anti-virus auto-update and realtime detection features were enabled.
e. Do install up-to-date patches.
f. Do turn on appropriate wireless security settings (like WPA).
g. Do use secure connection like SSL (secure Socket Layer) and Virtual Private Network if you need to transmit data or perform sensitive transaction.
h. Do use the latest driver of wireless network interface cards.


a. Do not leave your mobile device unattended.
b. Do not enable the wireless connection all the time but use it only when required.
c. Do not enable both wireless and wired network interface cards at the same time in locations where both wireless and wired networks are available.
d. Do not turn on resource sharing on your mobile device.
e. Do not turn on peer-to-peer / adhoc mode networking on your mobile device.
f. Do not activate more than one Wi-Fi connection manager on your mobile device at a time.
g. Do not visit malicious sites or untrusted websites to avoid unauthorized access, virus, spybots or worms.