Monday, October 22, 2007

Google Applications

Want to do your word processing or edit your spreadsheet in your web browser ? No problem, Google is providing several applications that are web based. Some of the Google Apps are listed below :
a. Gmail - a web based email that provides you with 3.7 GB (as of Oct 2007) of storage per account, mail search tools and integrated chat.
b. Google Talk - a Free text and voice that allows you to call around the world.
c. Google Docs - a free web based word processor and spreadsheet that allows you to create, share and collaborate online or in real-time.
d. Google Calendar - free web based sharable calendar to coordinate your activities or schedules.
e. Page Creator - a free WYSWYG editor to easily create and publish your web pages.

For the complete list of applications or for more info, visit Google website at


Gem said...

My all-time favorite apps are Google Earth and Google Desktop.

I have Gmail too.

Dan said...

Hi Gem,

Google earth is really a great application and I love it.

Other great Google Apps which I have installed are Gmail, Picassa and desktop.

Now, I have downloaded the browser Google Chrome which is quite fast compared to Mozilla. I think I'll be switching to use the two browsers together.

Cheers. :)