Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Questions to ask your Orthodontist

1. What are the different types of braces and their pro’s and cons ?

2. what’s the best type for your case ? Will it be ceramic or metallic braces or a combination ? Ceramics on upper and metallic on lower ? (This will now depend on the budget that you will have.)

3. How much does it cost to have ceramics braces on the upper only ? upper and lower ? What about the cost for metallic braces ?

4. How much is the total cost ? Is it possible to show me the cost breakdown? Do you have any payment or installment plan?

5. Does the cost of my braces includes all kinds of treatment (ie. monthly cleaning, filling, etc) and also include the retainers after treatment is finished?

6. How long (how many months/years) will the total treatment take?

7. How often will I need to visit your clinic for adjustments? What do the adjustments entail?

8. Do you do self-ligating brackets? (sometimes these are a good alternatives like if using Damon-type brackets, extractions can be avoided).

9. Will I need to wear other appliances like headgear or jaw expander ? If so, how long will I need to wear it ? As for the headgerar how many hours per day? When, in the treatment process, would the appliance be introduced?

10. Will there be a need to extract any of my teeth ?

11. If there’s a bracket that was dislodged, could I just call and then drop in to get it re-attached , or do I need to make an appointment for that?

12. What type of retainers do you typically usually provide to your patients ?


roxanne said...

haha...epekto ba to ng pagkakaroon mo ng braces,tito?!

Dan said...

hahaha...yes..sort of...kasi when I had my braces, I don't really know what to its good that I could also share some info to anybody thinking of having undergoing the treatment before visiting their ortho.

Anonymous said...

What is the common cost of self liation treatment in the philippines dental costing? tnx rain

Dan said...

Hi rain,

I'm sorry that I could not help you with the price info of self-ligating treatment as I'm in HK.

Likewise, my advice is choose a good orthodontist that you believe is the best ortho for you. Cost maybe an issue but if you will not be satisfied with the outcome later, it maybe more costly considering time spend and undergoing further treatment.

You must be comfortable and completely trust him/her to do the treatment as you'll be going to his/her clinic every now and then for a span of 2 years.

Cheers.. :)