Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Peking Duck

Since I arrived to Hongkong in 1994, I have never eaten any duck dish.  But on one baptism occasion, our friend John had invited me to eat at the Chinese Restaurant and before I knew it, he ordered Peking Duck as one of the dish.  I told my friend that I never eat duck as I would have allergy whenever I ate "balut" or cooked duck eggs back in the Philippines.  He said, I just have to try it as he highly recommends the dish.  Well, the Peking Duck was really superb.  So whenever you have the opportunity to visit Hongkong or a famous chinese restaurant, I highly recommend that you try this authentic chinese dish.

Peking Duck is a famous chinese dish.  The duck would be thinly sliced serving mostly the crispy skin and little meat.  It  is often eaten with pancakes, spring onions, and hoi sin sauce or sweet noodle sauce.   Some vegetable dishes are likewise provided to accompany the meat, typically cucumber or carrot sticks.  You eat by spreading sauce over the pancake, putting vegetables (cucumber, spring onion) and duck skin/ meat over it and used the pancake to wrapped around the meat and vegetables and then eat it by hand.  The remaining fat, meat and bones may be made into duck broth.