Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tips to keep your eyes bright and healthy

Most of us works with computers at home or in office.  Some even use computers in excess of 8 hours.  This sometimes leads to red, dry and irritated eyes which could lead eye problems if precautions are not taken.  Here's some tips to keep your eyes health.

a.  Take a 10 minute visual break every hour
b.  Do not sit too close to your computer screen or when reading.  Objects should always be 45 and 60 centimeters away.
c.  Avoid excessively bright lights.  Soft, gentle lighting is best for your eyes.
d.  Blink from time to time to prevent your eyes from drying out
e.  Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.  These supply vitamins essential for healthy eyes.
f.  Wear sunglasses or UV protected eyeglasses outdoors.
g.  Have a regular eye check up to detect possible eye illnesses and prompt early treatment.