Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shopping Cart Service Provider

Do you have a online business and thinking of a way how to handle online orders ? And with the limited technical skills, don't have capability to implement it by yourself ? There are several ways which you could do, first is to buy license software to handle it or second is to have it through hosted service. The first option of buying a licensed software is eventually not your best option as you may require technical skills to customize the software. The best bet then is to talk to a company that provides hosted shopping cart service. In choosing your shopping cart service provider (SP), here are some points that you may need to check :

a. Cost of Service per month
b. Size of disk space allocated to you Disk Space provided
c. The amount of data you are allowed to transfer per month (Bandwidth)
d. Special features of the service provided such as any limit on how many products you can add? or the SP provide any discount coupons
e. Check whether SP provide customer support, or you may have the ability to contact the SP for support at no charge, or whether SP could provide further training
f. Whether fraud protection system is provided

One leading company of shopping cart software provider is Ashop Commerce. Ashop Commerce caters to small to medium sized businesses, that are looking to create an online presence selling products.

If you would like to know more information, please visit Ashop Commerce website, or how to set up an online store


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