Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Funny Pictures

I received an email from a friend with some funny pictures attached. I have selected 2 pictures which I would like to share it here.

Hopefully these pictures would help you understand computer terminology better and likewise help you in choosing your furniture(s) at home (just kidding hehehe).

Computer Terms

Small Chair

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Gem said...


The computer technology is around for a long time. But the kid with the small chair is new to me. :)

Dan said...

Hi Gem,

Imagine if we really could make use of such miniature furnitures, then we could solve the space problem here in HK hehehe..soaring condo rentals would have gone down too.

Have a nice day ahead !!!

Nanaybelen said...

hehehe..Very nice. Ok let's blog to the new computer with that comfortable chairs

Dan said...

Hi Nanaybelen,

hehehe...I would if I could only sit comfortably.. :)