Friday, November 21, 2008

HK Clean PC Day

Today is HK's Clean PC day and members of the public are encouraged by the government to to support it by performing five simple tasks to protect their personal computers (PCs) against cyber attacks.

The five steps are:

1. Change your passwords
2. Check that the personal firewall is operating
3. Apply the latest software patches
4. Update your anti-virus signature files
5. Run an anti-virus scan on your computer

Hong Kong Clean PC Day has been held annually since 2005 and this campaign was jointly organized by Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, the Hong Kong Police Force and the Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT. Its aim is to raise public awareness of the importance of information security and to help computer users cultivate the good habit of cleaning up their PCs and minimising the risk of cyber attacks.

Well, I think the campaign by HK Government is a good way for us to keep our PC protected and likewise keep it up to its peak performance by doing routinary maintenance routines such as defragging, housekeeping of files, etc.

Have you perform the 5 steps mentioned above to protect your PC/laptop ?


Gem said...

Good for HK to implement that. Dito kanya-kanya.

I do PC cleaning weekly while I do my laundry chores. Aside from the 5 things in your checklist, I run CCleaner to clean up those temporary files then defragment my computer. Every quarter I open up my PC to dust off the insides. :)

Dan said...

Hi Gem,

Wow, your PC must be very well maintained. For me, I just do it every 6 months or so, but regularly housekeeped temp files and defrag my comp every month.

Yes, HK gov't implement programmes that benefits the public, hopefully our gov't and public officials will do the same.

Cheers !!!

Gem said...

I need to. If I could find ways to do maintenance without putting my PC down, the better. I spend time for it.

Dan said...

That's very good. At least you don't worry about downtime of your computer as you've well taken cared of it.

Routinary maintainance would really help in PC's performance.

Have a nice day ahead !