Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gifts for Holiday Season

With the holiday season just around the corner, people are busy preparing their shopping list now for their Christmas gifts. I, too, am preparing my own gifts for my nieces, nephews and for my long list of godchildren. I am thinking of toys for them. You see, toys are a great gift idea as children around the world love playing toys. Luckily we have the internet now as its worth shopping oline to find the best and most popular cheap toys.

Two of my newphews are now teenagers so I am thinking of electronic games as my gift to them. Nintendo Wii console would be great for them I think. With "Wii fit" games, it will be a great fun for the whole family. Not only that, Wii fit would improved health for the whole family as playing the game would increase ones physical activity. My office colleague is suggesting to buy another popular toys for teenagers and that is Mario Kart and Wii Wheel as he just bought one for his teenage son. He said that his son really love and enjoys playing it on weekends. Hhhmmm, now my choices for my gifts are getting better.

I tried to used Google to search more info about Wii and other popular toys and have come to a blog called The Pasty Muncher and I could not stop laughing after reading some of the blog entries. Click this "Wii at work" link to read about one of his funny post about playing at work.

Have you start your online shopping spree ?


Makoy said...

ok naman singapore. homesick lang. san may ok n pool malapit sa CCK?

Dan said...

Hi Makoy,

I've previously stayed in Yishun (opposite end). Anyway, CCK should have at least 1 or 2 pools that are accessible.

Thanks for dropping by.

Cheers !!!