Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wireless Router Disconection issue

My friend had ask me what brand of wireless router is good to buy. I was surprise why he wanted to buy another one when he had mentioned to me a few weeks ago that he just bought a wifi router. He had bought a DLink DI-624 model router. So I ask him, what was wrong with his new wireless router. He told me that there were connection issues with his router, ie. his wireless connection often drops and disconnects from the internet.

So I went with him to his place and try to check his router. I tried to check on the internet about Dlink router and I had read a lot of disconnection problems about this model. I've read that you could fix the disconnection problem by upgrading the router's firmware and so we did download and upgrade the router's firmware to DI-624 Revision D firmware version 4.0.4 (beta). After flashing the old firmware and rebooting process, his internet connection had become stable. Problem solved. So if you are having disconnection iissues with your DLink wireless router, you could also try to fix the problem by upgrading the firmware to the latest version.

You'll find the latest DI-624 firmware here:
(save the file that ends with ".bin".)


Anonymous said...

Even I have heard many people complaining about the same problem... Specially DI-624 model router...
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Dan said...

Hi Doye,

Yes, the firmware that comes with the DI-624 model was not stable. Try to download the firmware from the link I've mentioned. My friend's router connection had stabilized after updating the firmware to version 4.04.

Cheers !!!