Friday, May 16, 2008


I often wonder how technology are allowing physicians to not only restore vision in damaged eyes, but also to improve the way we see with healthy eyes. Technology really has greatly help in improving our quality of life. Now a new technique for eye treatment to enhanced our vision could be done easily through Lasik eye surgery. So you may wonder what is this new eye surgery is all about ? Lasik eye surgery is used to correct refractive errors which helps improve eye focusing power and enhances patients visual acuity. This would mean that those who are nearsighted, farsighted or with astigmatism can now eliminate or reduce their dependency on wearing contact lenses or thick eyeglasses. They could enjoy the freedom of clear vision at all times even engage in sports like swimming or can have a better carreer opportunities

One big question is whether Lasik eye surgery is for me ? After visiting wikipedia regarding Laser surgery, not all people with eye problems are good candidates for Lasik. Patients who have experienced an eye infection or injury in the past year should not undergo LASIK Visit your eye surgeon or optalmologist and seek their opinion whether Lasik treatment could be an option for you.

Another big concern maybe in undergoing the Lasik eye surgery would be the cost. Whenever such new technology arises, the cost would often be the main concern to patients. The cost for undergoing LASIK eye surgery would vary depending on the patient's degree of refractive error and the area of the country the procedure will be perform. What you may not know, is that there maybe available financing options for you.

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