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Raising a Child With ADHD

Raising a Child With ADHD
Raising a child is a challenge in and of itself. Parenting a child with ADD or ADHD can present additional challenges. Read on to find helpful tips, guides and support from caregivers who have been where you are.

Tips for Raising Your Child's Self-Esteem Children with ADD or ADHD often have difficulty managing school responsibilities and social relationships, which can make them feel alone and isolated. Help them learn how to focus on their successes and bolster a positive self-image.

Helping Children with ADD get to Sleep Children with ADD/ADHD sometimes have a hard time falling asleep. They may toss and turn or they may just not be able to shut down their thoughts long enough for sleep to come. Eileen Bailey outlines some helpful hints to help your child get a good nights sleep.

Adult Children with ADD Living at Home As our children grow up they are taught how to do their wash, cooking, and cleaning, with the understanding that one day they will leave home. But sometimes they do not seem to be ready to leave. What happens when parents have their adult children still living at home? Eileen Bailey addresses this conundrum.

ADHD - The Positive Side The three major symptoms of ADHD: hyperactivity, impulsiveness and inattention can create many problems in people’s lives. They can interfere with relationships, school and work. But there are also many positive characteristics of adult ADD/ADHD.

Games to Motivate your Children Eileen Bailey outlines the effectiveness of the reward system for children with ADHD. She describes that creating games and challenges for your child is essential in maintaining their interest and keeping their mind constantly on the move.

Creating a Discipline Process at Home The home is a place where children feel safe and secure. They feel accepted and loved. But children can also act out at home; they can fight with siblings, talk back or not listen to their parents and be defiant. Children with ADHD are more difficult to discipline than those without ADHD and need different disciplinary measures and methods to learn.

Strategies for Parenting Children with ADHD Children with ADHD are often hyperactive, impulsive and easily distracted. They can forget what they have been told (minutes later) or constantly lose items. Parents can help children learn to cope with these common symptoms of ADHD. The strategies here will help.

Parenting Strategies for Children with ADD (Without Hyperactivity) Children with ADD can be quiet, withdrawn and shy. They can suffer from low self-esteem, miss details, be forgetful and often misplace items. The following strategies for parents can help keep their children with ADD on track.

Activities to Keep Children Entertained Looking for ways to keep your children stimulated, focused and amused? Our ADHD Expert Eileen Bailey shares her tips for keeping children entertained throughout the year.

Coping Strategies for Siblings Children with ADHD require extra care and attention. Sharing a home with an ADHD child can cause siblings to experience feelings of frustration and inadequacy, but there are steps parents can take to ensure that each of their children feels equally loved and cared for.

Raising a Child with ADHD: Medication During the Summer Months Eileen Bailey describes the importance of early diagnosis and how to help young children cope with the trials, symptoms and medication options for ADHD, especially in the summer when keeping young children in check is hard enough!

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