Friday, May 9, 2008

Protect Yourself Against Spam Emails

Many of us may have already received unsolicited emails often times called Spam emails.  Here are some simple tips to minimize receiving spam emails.

1.          Be very cautious when disclosing your email address or your personal information.  
2.        When filling out web registration forms, online surveys, etc, try to check the privacy policy of the web sites or companies before you provide your personal information.
3.        Be careful when subscribing to free email account services, especially when filling in the account profiles.  
4.        Do not publish your personal emaik address on public web sites, contact directories or chat rooms.
5        Use separate email addresses for different purposes.  For eg. use one dummy email address for public newsgroups or chat rooms and another one for your personal emails.
6.        Don't open emails with a tricky subject headings such as "Remember me ?".  Spammers usually use this trick to lead you into thinking that you know the sender.
7.          Be careful when opening emails or attachments especially emails received from strangers.
8.        Simply delete emails from unknown or dubious sources.  Clicking on it would simply confirmed to the unknown sender that your email address is valid.
9.        Check the "Sent" folder to verify whether there are messages that were not sent by you.  If there are, probably your computer may have been hacked and used by spammers.  Report such concerns to the proper authority.  
10.        Use Email filters to reduce the no. of spam emails you receive.
11.          Install anti-virus and keep it with the latest anti-virus signatures.  Enable real time detection to scan for computer viruses or malicious code.
12.        Install personal firewall
13.        Always ensure to apply the latest security patches/ hot fixes for your operating system or applications installed in your computer.


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