Friday, May 30, 2008

DFA sattelite office at POEA

Good news for us Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), starting 15 April 2008, the Department of Foreign Affairs already have a full-service passport satellite office at the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). The satellite office will provide passport services to OFWs.

All passport applications filed at the POEA office will be processed and released after at most seven working days for a fee of Php 750, or after 14 working days for a fee of Php 500.

Passport application requirements include personal appearance and submission of the completed application form, 3 colored passport photos with royal blue background, authenticated birth certificate and at least two government-issued identification cards and documents proving the applicant's identity and citizenship.

So fellow OFWs, the next time you are on vacation and plans to renew your passport, remember that you could avail of DFA satellite office passport services in POEA.

The passport application form and guidelines may be downloaded at DFA website.

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