Monday, July 28, 2008

Bart PE and DriveImage XML

Just this weekend while surfing the net, I have found 2 free very good softwares that could be useful if ever you need to recover data from an operating system that has failed due to software or physical hardware corruption. These free softwares are as follows :

1. Bart PE or Bart's Preinstalled Environment - this software is very suitable for PC maintenance tasks. It will give you a complete Win32 environment with network support, a graphical user interface (800x600) and FAT/NTFS/CDFS filesystem support. Very handy for burn-in testing systems with no OS, rescuing files to a network share, virus scan and so on. It is a real replacement for those dos based boot disk that we use.

2. DriveImage XML - is a hard disk backup and restoration software similar to Norton Ghost but this software is FREE, the software enables you create a complete backup image of any drive or partition, You can restore later restore the image to same or another partition, you can also clone a drive to another. The program also includes an image explorer similar to Norton Ghost Image Explorer that lets you explore previously created backup images and extract individual files. This software could be plugin to BartPE and could be very useful in backup and recovery procedures.

If you want to learn more about this 2 useful free softwares, just click the link I provided below :
a. Bart PE
b. DriveImage XML

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