Friday, July 4, 2008

Signed Up with SocialSpark

SocialSpark, an innovative and sophisticated marketplace for bloggers and advertisers was established by Izea.  Its the same company who created Payperpost and have pioneered the concept of sponsored postings.  

As a member of PayPerPost, I did grab the opportunity to be a part of SocialSpark as well.  Joining SocialSpark has been a positive experience for me as I have found new blogging friends and my blog has gained more visitors.  Another benefits of joining was the vast opportunities for bloggers like me to review products and services being offered by SocialSpark.  Being the first to know and review these new products and services is quite exciting.  I would say that we all love to be the first one to know and tell everyone about a new household product that is about to be launched or about a new web services that would enable you to watch tennis games in Wimbledon through the use of internet.

Here's the code of Ethics of SocialSpark :
a.  100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
b.  100% Transparency
c.  100% Real Opinions
d.  100% Search Engine Friendly

You see every sponsored post in SocialSpark comes with a strict policy of full in-post disclosure.  This is to let the readers of your blog article that you have been paid to write the review.  Well being honest would earn the trust of your readers and thats one way of capturing loyal readers of your blog.

SocialSpark also promotes transparency as advertisers or the public can view every participants transactions in SocialSpark.  This means that advertisers are well informed about bloggers doing business with which advertisers, allowing them to make the right decision in choosing the best blogger that could serve their marketing needs.

As for writing sponsored post articles, SocialSpark has no restrictions.  You are able to choose which opportunities that would suit your blog.  Likewise, your honest opinions in writing your articles is highly encouraged as this would help establish the credibility of your blog.

SocialSpark also has a policy that every sponsored post links in your article comes with the "no-follow" attribute to ensure that your blogs page rankings will not be affected.  Observing this policy surely helps in avoiding search engine penalties.

So for my fellow bloggers, thinking of monetizing your blog ?  Now is the time to do it.  I am encouraging you to sign up with SocialSpark.

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s d n e w said...

I have a question... sa social spark ba if nag request ka na kailangan i-blog mo narin? kahit wala pang approval? Thanks!

Dan said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by.

With regards to your question about SocialSpark, once you take an opportunity, you need to wait for confirmation email from SocialSpark Support that reservation for the opportunity was created for you. That's the time that you need to write and post your review article and submit your blogs post link to SocialSpark for approval.

For more info, you could check the blogger's FAQ in SocialSpark.

Hope I get to answer your query. Thanks.