Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blogger Backup Utility

I have always been wondering how could I backup my blog entries as Blogger does not offer export features where one could download or backup the entries in their blog. After searching through the internet I have found one good third party utility that could backup all my blog entries to my hard disk and could also easily restore them in case I had accidentally delete my blog or some of my posts.

This utility is called Blogger Backup. You just login with your Blogger account and select the particular blog that you want to archive to your hard drive. You can either save all your blog posts to one file or save individual files per blog entry. Comments by readers could also be included in the backup process.

If you ever want to recover blog post that are in the local backup folder just hit the "Restore Post" button, select the entries and voila, your post entries are back online in no time.

Get the Blogger Backup utility at

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Sheilalu said...

Wow, this is good. Thanks for the information. I'll try it on my blogger account.

Have a great day!

s d n e w said...

Oh, that's good news, kse ako, I have to export everything to wordpress pa before I could back it all up... THANKS for the info :D

Dan said...

Hi Shiela and Wendy,

Thanks for visiting. I hope that I have provided good info to you. I've just found out Blogger Backup yesterday so I thought its worth sharing it to other bloggers.

Have a great and nice day ahead !!!


~*~ Badet ~*~ said...

Thanks for the tool... this is a very useful way to save all our blogger posts.

Dan said...

You're welcome Badet. I'm just sharing info that maybe useful to fellow bloggers.

Have a nice day ahead !!!

marites1034 said...

will try this. am getting paranoid with all these spams going around.

Jonas said...

Hey Dan! Please try our free blog backup service at