Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cisco Certification Programs

Do you work in IT related field ? Do you find that colleagues getting IT certification often leads to getting job promotions or better job prospects ? Well, do not be left out. Certification is more important than ever. As an IT professional, your abilitiies will often be judged by your employers by the number of certifications that you possess. In IT field, the one which is constant is "change" and an IT professional must continue to keep up with the latest technology or must suffer the consequence of being left out.

One popular certification program among IT professionals is Cisco certification. Known for its comprehensive coverage and grueling difficulty, Cisco’s program is quickly gaining popularity as many professionals are now inclined to pursue Cisco certification to enhance and advance their IT careers.

Cisco provides several paths for certifcation such as :
a. Routing and Switching
b. Design
c. Network Security
d. Service Provider
e. Storage Networking
f. Voice

This certification programs are made available so that you can match your certification path to your job role or industry. Within these paths, Cisco allows you to be certified at up to three levels of technical proficiency :
1. Associate
2. Professional
3. Expert

So open your doors to your IT career advancement -- get empowered now with Cisco Certification. For more information, visit Cisco certification website.

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hyperion said...

I must say that the Cisco courses are truly insightful when it comes to networking and I am very pleased with the knowledge with i gained.