Monday, July 14, 2008

Tutorial : Setting Up your Ipod Touch for Wireless Connection

1 Enter the "Home Screen" - Enter the “Home Screen” of the iPod Touch.
(You can enter the “Home Screen” by pressing the Home Button of your iPod Touch)

2. Press the “Settings” icon
Press the “Settings” icon from the Home Screen.

3. Choose “Wi-Fi”
Press the “Wi-Fi” icon on the “Settings” menu.

4. Select the Wi-Fi Network
”iPod Touch” will search for the wireless network within its reception range. Please select the network you would like to connect from the wireless network list.

* If the wireless network list doesn’t show up:
  Press the icon on the right side of the Wi-Fi icon.
If the wireless net work list still doesn’t show up, there might be a
problem with your “iPod Touch” wireless network.

5. Input the password.
When connecting to network that has encryption, you will be prompted to provide the Password of that network. Please key in the Password and click “Join”.

* If you cannot connect to the network
  Please confirm the Password is correct and connect again.

* If the Password is correct and you still cannot connect to the network
Please follow the steps below::
Enter the “Settings” option from the “Home Screen”, then enter
General” → “Keyboard” → “International Keyboards”, and click the
icon button next to the “English” option. Press the “Home Button” on
your iPod Touch, go back to the “Home Screen”, follow the connecting steps
from step 1 mentioned above. When you’re back to Step 5, please press the
Globe icon on the lower left of the screen and switch the keyboard to
English mode.

6. Wireless Connection Established
After finishing all the setting steps.

There will be a Wi-Fi icon appearing on the upper-left part of the screen. The icon might be different base on the signal strength.

Press the “Home Button” of the iPod Touch, go back to the “Home Screen”, press “Safari” icon, and you can start using the Internet

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s d n e w said...

May issue lang dyan na hindi sya makapagsave ng profile kapag hindi nya nadedetect yung access point.. :(