Monday, June 2, 2008

Things I Love About Hong Kong

a. Almost zero crime rate
Yes, Hong Kong is very safe and the feeling of personal safety is a huge plus on why I consider it to be no. one on my top list of things I love about HK.Hong Kong is safe enough for anyone to move around in, at all times of the day and night, with no need to worry about personal safety.

b. Dim Sum
Cuisines of every nation I think are well represented here in Hongkong. Likewise, one could easily go to a Chinese restaurant for a delicious Dim Sum. Try it and enjoy the thrill of ordering and eating at one of the Chinese restaurant. Some of my favorite are Cha Siu pao, prawn dumplings, spring rolls, turnip and taro cake – the range of dim sum menu available is vast. One of the drawbacks of having dim sum is that the restaurants are often huge, crowded and incredibly noisy places – it's all part of the experience though.

c. Hong Kong Views at Night
Hong Kong is truly a city that never sleeps and a cityscape of twinkling lights at night. The city’s lights at night are very spectacular especially when you are in Tsim Sha Tsui and looking at the HK island's picturesque view. Many buildings seem to have been designed with the purpose of entertaining the residents and tourists alike. Hong Kong at night is breathtaking and amazing.

d. Tram
The cheapest form of mode of transport here in HK, costing only HKD $2 for your ride. Its quite an amazing experience when I first take my tram ride as I could feel the tram jolts as it moves along the metal railing. Taking the tram is not a fast ride, but its cheap, atmospheric and one could leisurely see the main thoroughfare of HK. The tram traverses from the Western part (Kennedy Town) to the Northern part (Shaukeiwan) of HK.

e. MTR
The most efficient means of transport in HK. You will never miss your appointment again as the MTR runs efficiently. Likewise, the subways are wide, clean and well lit.

f. Hong Kong airport
Considered one of the busiest airport in the world. Hong Kong airport is about as close as it comes. In-town check in service, a fast, clean and convenient airport express train with mini TV screens, onboard uniformed baggage carriers, seasonal cool architecture, thumb print scanning immigration counters, almost unlimited places to eat and shop. Hong Kong airport is great. It is efficient, clean and very travel friendly.

g. Late Night Shopping
Shops in Hong Kong open late but stay open until 10 or 11 p.m. Do not go shopping at nine in the morning as most shops are still close. So there's no problem shopping even after work or past 10 at night. Shops staying open late at night maybe one of the reasons why Hong Kong is considered a shoppers’ paradise.

h. Weather
Hongkong got 4 seasons, though you may complain during hot, humid summers in Hong Kong, you will get really chilly weather during Winter season. Luckily, no snow during winter which makes this city really great place to live in.

i. Noodle and Congee Shops
Congee is always recommend whenever one has a stomach problem. Congee reminds me of the rice porridge that we have in Phillippines (Arroz caldo). Congee here in HK is actually consists of rice, salt and various garnishes such as shredded pork, chicken, preserved eggs, etc. ! One could easily find a noodle or congee house here in HK and its one of the cheapest way of having your lunch or dinner besides going to a fast food chain like Mcdonalds. I love the Beef Brisket noodle as well, its really superb and highly recommended.

j. 7-11 convenience stores
These convenience stores are everywhere in Hongkong. I think there are at least one in every corner or two. If you happen not to visit an area for quite a while, do not be suprised if, when you return, a new 7-11 has opened up. In Hong Kong these stores also sell cheap alcohol. You are never more than a block away from a cold beer or ice cream. In fact, in Lan Kwai Fong, the 7-11 store in Aguilar street was considered to be where the cheapest beer could be bought.

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Kenji said...

thank you for visiting our humble site. Thank you also for leaving anote. Hope you will keep coming so we can visit each other site always. I wish I can write one day, "Things I love about Saudi"too...but for now its 46-50 degress Celcius hotter...hehehe

Dan said...

Hi Kenji, thanks for dropping by. Sure, I'll always find a time to visit your site.

Hope you and your family would love and enjoy your stay there in KSA.


Dan :)

Shirley Bongbong said...

Hi Dan, added ur link already. Please add mine on text Silent Writer. Thanks