Friday, May 23, 2008

Travelling Tips

Before Leaving Home:
Tell the people around you when and where you're going to have a vacation. Just keep them informed about it so that they'll have an idea about when will they will expect you to be back.

Ask someone, maybe a friend, neighbor or relative, to pick up mails and newspapers for you.

Have your passport photocopied, if you are travelling overseas, and pack it in a different place than the original. It the passport is lost or stolen, the photocopy may serve as proof that you have a valid passport.

Make sure that all windows and doors are closed, and that all appliances are turned off and disconnected from the electric outlets.

Avoid too much baggage, bring only the necessary things that you need.

Always bring some medicines like anti colds and vitamins for your medication.

When travelling by a car be sure that it is working in prefect condition.

Be sure to put your name and your destination in your luggages. In case of lost the finder can return it immediately.

Put your personal and valuable belongings in a safe place.

It is also a good thing to have padlocks in your suitcase to avoid lost.

Take your time to prepare all the necessary things you need.

Dont forget to bring your camera or a video camera. Memories are never to be forgotten.

While Traveling :
Do not bring large amounts of money with you. As much as possible, bring only the minimum amount you need and the credit card(s) you use.

Distribute the cash you have in your pockets.

It is good to have travel books, brochures or leaflets while you travel. You can use them to know the cheapest hotels, restaurants and best food about your destination.

Be a part of a group tour in order to explore the different insights of your destination.

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