Thursday, June 5, 2008

An Aging Parent's Plea To His Child

"Sa Aking Pagtanda" by Fr. Ariel F. Robles really touches one's heart. So here's the English translation of it.

An Aging Parent's Plea To His Child
English translation by Edecat Manila

As I grow old,
I seek your Patience and Understanding.
Despite Hard-of-Hearing - notwithstanding,
"Love me". You're told.

If I spill Soup or break Plate,
My Eyesight could be dimming.
Look upon me with no hate.
Lest, I get a bad feeling.

If I am slow to stand,
My Knees could be weakening.
Quickly give me your Hand,
For I did teach you - Walking.

If I'm slow to understand,
My Hearing could be failing.
Write down or Motion-by-Hand,
So I could get the meaning.

If I sound like a "Broken Record",
My Memory could be lapsing.
Please do not laugh at me - nor be bored.
Bear with me - just by listening.

If I feel so alone,
My Spirit yearns for your presence.
Although busy at work,
Find time to be with me at home.

If I become hard-to-please,
My Consciousness favors the familiar.
Be careful and not amiss,
I'm exacting on particulars.

If I emit an unpleasant smell,
I could have the Odor-of-Old.
A daily Bath could make me unwell.
My weak Body could get a Cold.

If I urinate and move my bowel in bed,
Persevere still in loving me.
My Life is ending and farewells would soon be said.
Memories last eternally.

And if my Moment-of-Death is near,
Hold my hand and embrace me dearly.
Your love for me brings "God's Blessings" here.
You and I are truly family!


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