Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chinese Cantonese Tutorials - Lesson 2

This is the 2nd lesson (out of 20 lessons) of my basic Cantonese tutorials.  Should you wish to read the other lessons, please click this link or go to Chinese Cantonese Tutorials Website.


中文 English Cantonese Tagalog
稱 呼 Appellation Ching Fu Pantawag
I Ngo Ako
You Lei/Nei Ikaw
我 們 We / Our Ngo tei Tayo
先生 Mister / Sir Sin sang Mister / Ginoo
太太 Mrs. / Madam Dai Dai Misis / Ginang
小姐 Miss Siu tsie Dalaga / Miss
爸爸 / 父親 Father Pa pa Tatay/Itay
媽媽/毋親 Mother Ma ma Nanay/Inay
公公/ Grandfather Kung Kung Lolo
婆婆 Grandmother Po po Lola
姐姐 Elder Sister tsie tsie Ate
妹妹 Younger Sister Mui Mui Bunso Babae
哥哥 Elder Brother Ko ko Kuya
弟弟 Younger Brother Tai Tai Bunso Lalake
姨姨 Auntie Yi yi Tita
叔叔/伯伯 Uncle Suk suk Tito
女孩/女兒 Daughter Nui Anak na Babae
男孩/男兒 Son chai Anak na Lalake
男仔 Boy Nam chai Lalake
女仔 Girl Nui chai Babae
媳/女婿 Daughter/Son -in-law San Po / Nui Sai Manugang
姐夫 Sister-In-Law che Fu / Mui Fu Hipag
弟夫 Brother-In-Law Dai Fu Bayan
奶奶/老 Mother/Father-in-law Nai Nai / Loh Ye Biyenan