Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chinese Cantonese Tutorials - Lesson 1

This is the first part of the cantonese tutorials that I have prepared in my other site Cantonese Tutorials. There are 20 Chinese Cantonese lessons on that site. I'll try to add them here, but due to limitations in Blogger editor, its quite difficult to just copy and paste. Anyway, hope that this could help you in learning the Cantonese language.


中文 English Cantonese Tagalog
Number Ho Ma Numero
0 Zero Ling Sero
1 One Yat Isa
2 Two Yi Dalawa
3 Three Sam Tatlo
4 Four Se Apat
5 Five Em Lima
6 Six Lok Anim
7 Seven Chat Pito
8 Eight Pak Walo
9 Nine Kau Siyam
10 Ten Sap Sampu
11 Eleven Sap yat Labing-Isa
12 Twelve Sap yi Labing-Dalawa
20 Twenty Yi sap Dalawam pu
21 Twenty-One Yi sap yat Dalawampu't isa
30 Thirty Sam sap Tatlong pu
100 One Hundred Yat pak Isang Daan
1000 One Thousand Yat chin Isang Libo
1/2 One-Half Yat pun Kalahati


Money chin Pera
Dollar Man Dolyar
1 One Dollar Yat man Isang dolyar
2 Two Dollar Leong man Dalawang dolyar
3 Three Dollar Sam man Tatlong dolyar
10 Ten Dollar Sap man Sampung dolyar
0.1 Ten Cents Yat ho Sampung Centavos
0.5 Fifty Cents Em ho Limangpung Centavos
0.7 Seventy Cents Chat ho Pitong Centavos
0.9 Ninety Cents Kau ho Siyamnapung Centavos
20 Twenty Dollars Yi sap man Dalawampung dolyar

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