Monday, June 16, 2008

NAIA Airport Check In Guidelines for tourist or OFWs

The last time I took my vacation in our province (La Union), the parents of my best friend who are going to the US for the first time had asked me this question :

What are the required steps that we need to follow when we arrived at the NAIA airport ?

Then I just realized, this curiousity or excitement feeling also happens to me on my first foreign country travel. So I'm listing out this guidelines for tourists or OFWs that would go through Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) airport for the first time.

a. when you arrived at the airport, the guard at the door entrance would check your air ticket and passport. So ensure that you could easily reach for these documents.

b. After the door entrance, your baggage would need to go through the x-ray machine and you pass through the metal detector door.

c. Afterwards, get your baggage and go to DFA counter (if you are a tourist) or POEA counter (for OFW). For tourist, you need to present your passport and need to pay the Travel Tax (currently Php 1620). If you are not sure where the DFA counter is, you could always ask the guard or any airport employee for help. For OFW, you need to present your OEC for verification by POEA staff.

d. After paying the travel tax or verification of your OEC, go to your particular airline counter. Look for the signage above the counter(s) and check which particular airline or destination does the counter currently serves.

e. Check in your baggage, present your passport, air ticket together with your travel tax certificate (or OEC). The counter staff would weigh in your baggage and choose your seat no. You could request the counter staff to have you seated by the window or aisle depending on your preference and availability of seats. The staff will then give you back your air ticket, passport, travel tax certificate plus the boarding pass wherein your boarding pass contain the information of Gate No, your Seat No, etc.

f. After check in, you would need to pass through the Terminal Fee counter. Present your passport and pay about Php 750 for terminal fee. OFWs are exempted, just present your OEC and passport.

g. After paying the terminal fee, then you go through the Immigration area. Note that you need to fill up the Immigration Form first before queuing up. The forms should be available at check-in counters or at the side counters near the immigration area. Ask the airport personnel if you are not sure where to get the immigration form.

h. The immigration officer will then put the exit stamp on your passport. Next will be, queuing up near the immigration area for the final body search and metal detection on your handcarry bags (if any). You maybe required to take off your shoes, belts, or beltbags and have it pass through the x-ray machine.

i. Congrats, you have finally completed all the security procedures at our airport, you just have to go to the specific Gate No, relax and wait for your flight. You could also buy snacks from the counters near your waiting area. Von voyage.

Note: The info listed here was based on the author's knowledge only.

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Anonymous said...

wow.. this is really helpful for the first timer.

Dan said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks. Glad that the above info regarding NAIA airport guidelines would be useful to you. Cheers!

Naia Water System said...

Thank you for sharing this informative post.I would like to read such post regularly.Please Keep it on .........

Ria Paula said...

its my first time to travel this end of the month as OFW im glad that i've seen your blog. God bless

Dan said...

Hi Ria,

Good luck on your foreign trip abroad. Wish you all the best!

I'm currently in Manila and flying back to HK on the 2nd of May.

Anonymous said...

It really helps a lot for us first timer. Thank you. I'll print this one and make a hard copy.

Anonymous said...

Is there an office or agency which I can pay my travel tax for immediate pocessing?

Anonymous said...

Is there an office or agency which I can pay my travel tax for immediate processing?

Dan said...

Hi, in paying your foreign travel tax, you may opt to go to the nearest Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Office.

I always pay my travel tax at the DFA counter at the airport and it takes about 5 to 10 mins only. So paying your travel tax at the airport would be less hassle and a better option I guess.