Monday, June 23, 2008

Regional Delicacies in Philippines

Philippine food is relatively unknown in many parts of the world.  Malay, Chinese, Spanish and American influences have greatly influence Philippine cuisine and also have complemented the Filipino's way of traditional cooking style.  Popular dishes adopted from Chinese are "lumpiang shanghai" (spring rolls) and "pancit" (rice noodles). A lot of traditional dishes still retain their Spanish names such as "mechado," "menudo," and "pochero."

Below are some well known food that could be found in certain localities in Phillipines.

Ilocos Region (Northen part of Luzon)   -  well known for its longganisa and pinakbet

Negros, Iloilo and Cebu -   Lechon and Otap

Pampanga -  tocino (sweet meat)

Batangas   -   famous for its "bulalo" and Barako (coffee beans)

Bicol   -   famous for its "laing" and "Bicol Express"  (dishes that used coconut milk and spices)

Iloilo   -   popular for its "pancit molo and "La Paz Batchoy"

Davao   -   famous for its "inihaw na panga ng tuna" and exotic fruits like "durian" , mangosteen, rambutan and pomelo

Zamboanga   -   famous for its delicious prawns, crabs, lobster and "curacha"

I am not sure of the well known foods for other regions.   Can you help me out ?


s d n e w said...

Laing if one of my fave! what is.. what's that? with panga? hahaha, what the hell is that.. :D

Dan said...

Ha ha ha...inihaw na panga should be inihaw na panga ng tuna..I'll revised my posting.

Yes..I like laing too.

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