Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I signed up with SocialSpark

I have just signed up with SocialSpark and immediately after I have signed up, someone had immediately given me a prop up and asked me to be added in my friends list. SocialSpark really had added viewership to my blogsite Reference Notes.

The first one who had prop me up was "themidnighwriter". She had immediately added me in her friends list and had welcome me to SocialSpark. Two other SocialSpark members "the mom with brownies" and "Joy Burlinson" had prop up and added me to their friends list after few days of joining SocialSpark and this happens even though my blog was not yet added with SocialSpark site. That's how the community members on that site help one another by giving props, providing help to any members who are new to the site. Members of SocialSpark also provide comments to other members post and encourage each other to make improvements.

Joining SocialSpark is quite easy, just fill in a few questions related to your blog or website and then put the ITK code before the /body tag of your blogs html. Once done, just wait for your site to get approved, and voila, you are in for great opportunities that would come your way.

To view my profile in SocialSpark , click this link Dan Santi profile.

So what are you waiting for, join SocialSpark now and open the door to more opportunities for sponsored posts, meeting new friends and having more visitors to your website are just some benefits that you would reap.

Note : This is a sponsored post.

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